Friday, June 02, 2006

Summer Freedom

I'm enjoying the freedom from the regular TV shows. What does that tell me? I deliberately didn't choose any summer shows to get involved in, and don't care what they're showing. Lately I've even been missing the news because we're not letting any daylight hours go to waste.

Some friends stopped by last night so the guy could help my hubby figure out supplies he needs to build the front stairs, and she told me my front yard could be a magazine picture! Whoo hoo! We're getting there!

Next year will be even better after all the new perennials are established. I made it a point to plant no annuals except seeds I collected last year. I did a lot of flowering bushes and am doing climbers now. We're going for a cottage garden look with fences and arbors and vignettes. (Some of those fences still need to be built.)

One gardening book I was reading the other day said not to get overwhelmed trying to do everything in one season, because it's impossible, and that is so true. Truly established and beautiful gardens take years to establish. I'm just such an impatient person.


  1. I know what you mean - no more racing to the Tivo to watch the shows I've missed. I got hooked on Lost, Survivor, Grey's Anatomy, American Idol and Ghost Whisperer. Then my husband got me hooked on Boston Legal.

    Bet your yard is looking great. We can't decide on a hardscape at our new house so we're just doing annuals this year.

  2. Oh, and I did finally find butterfly bushes and got them planted! I didn't even know there were differnt varieties. I have two.

    Are you growing butterfly bushes?

    Gray's Anatomy is MUST SEE TV. AI is the bomb and the right person won this year! Whoo hoo, Taylor! Are you a voter? I do speed dialing.

    I just can't look at Wm Shatner. Too painful.

  3. This is my first year for AI - loved Taylor from the auditions on! I voted almost every week. Loved Chris, too.

    Haven't put in any butterfly bushes at the new house. But I do have milkweed and I saw a monarch land on one of them today!

  4. I agree with you about summer freedom. I don't have kids in school anymore, but it's nice to be free of all the shows I got hooked on. Sounds like some favorites of yours are also mine. Grey's Anatomy, for sure. American Idol -- hooked from the first season, but it gets better every year. My fav is still Carrie Underwood though. That girl can sing and I love country music.
    Last weekend, we met some new friends, attended an off-Broadway play, starring new friend, went to the Cajun Festival and had a BBQ. It beats couch potato time.
    Charlene :)

  5. So tell me, Cuz, do I have to hunt down alleys to find milkweed?

    And do you make sure you remove all the pods so it doesn't spread?

  6. Charlene, life in CA sounds exciting! My favorite AI is Clay Aiken. What fun to see him on the finale this season -- but I almost didn't recognize him! Talk about a makeover!

  7. I have a beautiful butterfly bush beside my porch. It's so nice to sit there while I'm reading and to look up and see the beautiful butterflies! It's starting to grow new plants in the dirt beside it and as soon as they get a little bigger I'm going to transplant them to the other side of my porch! I got it from my mom when her bush started making new ones.

  8. I had a lady give me a monarch catepillar and, like a dummy, went to Earl May to try to buy a milkweek plant. Hello, it's a WEED! Then I found plants in my daughters alley - started mine from seeds.

    I do remove the pods so my neighbors don't get a bumper crop. But my new neighbor feeds the finches and I get lots of thistles! My new house already has an established milkweed crop. Can't wait to see if I get catepillars.

    We planted peppers and tomatoes in the back yard. Heaven help me if they all do well!

  9. Cheryl, I received the copy of Hell on Heels that I won! Thank you so much! It really looks good. I have quite a few Bombshells now. I enjoy reading them.

  10. I almost forgot! Thank you for all the bookmarks, too!