Monday, June 05, 2006

more stuff

These are shelves my hubby made me over the stairs headng from my kitchen down to the family room. This was before I added more stuff, but you get the idea.


  1. Very cool, Cheryl. LOL! I had my face pressed to my computer screen tryin' to see all your goodies.

    Ack, that sounded obscene, eh? *BG*

  2. lol, Mel!

    I like shelves. I wish I had more to display things and for my books, of course!

  3. Me too, Carol. Louis *my honey* put up a shelf in the living room for some of my treasures.

    I have a 6 foot tall bookcase in the bedroom full of books and 4 smaller bookcases in my computer room FULL. Plus I have books all over the floor in piles. I am a stickler about my books, though. I refuse to put them in the living room. Don't want anybody touching them! LOL!

  4. Anyone who wants to send me pictures, I will post them for all to enjoy!