Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Who will be the next American Idol?

Okay, so I'm hooked. I rarely miss a show. Always tape it for my daughter and often watch the tape so I don't have to take time for commercials. I'm thinking about TVR through my cable company, so I can automatically record programs I watch weekly.

One of my favorites this year is Taylor Hicks, though I can't see him as the American Idol. Even though I love him, I would most likely buy a recording by Elliot or Mandisa. But haven't his looks improved? I wish he'd let loose and play his harmonica.

Thank you America for voting off Lisa. Did you know she was on Star Search three years ago? Give it up, sweetie. Hated to see Kevin go, but it was time. I was amazed he made it so far. He was this year's gimmick contestant. My friend took a trip and met him at the Early Show taping in Times Square last week and said he's a sweetheart in person.

For me the right three were in the bottom three last week. Ace is sticking around because he has the tween vote. Bucky was pretty sad until he did his thing in a cowboy hat last week. Keep that up Bucky, and you can stay a while longer.

Kathryn isn't a favorite. She's only there 'cause she jiggles. C'mon, I'm tellin' it like it is. I do like Paris, but there's something too cute about her, you know? Her hair is different every week, have you noticed? She has style. Mandisa please don't ever torture America with a pair of jeans again. If they could just film her from the shoulders up, you know? She looks beautiful in a classy dress and her voice is incredible.

Elliot has it all going in the voice department. He shouldn't try to dance ever again however.

In the past I voted for Clay and for Fantasia.
Everyone knows Clay should have won.
Whatever happened to Fantasia anyway?
Kelly Clarkson didn't appeal to me, but my opinion has changed because of the great work she's done on her CDs.
I buy recordings--I have Clay and Reuben and one AI from each season.
Who would you vote for?


  1. Elliott and Chris were my favorites this week. The guys are trompin' the girls!

  2. I don't watch AI so I can't vote. However, if I could vote it off the air (sorry gang) I would. *g*

  3. okay--I admint it . I'm an AI addict. On days when I have to chauffer the kids around I tape it so I don't miss it. This year, my fave is Chris Daughtry. His voice has a rough, raspy quality to it but he can sing ballads as well. (I also like rock music so I'm biased.) I liked his take on Keith Urban's Making Memories last night but I would have preferred if he sang You'll think of me, instead. I think it would have showcased his voice better. I heard his version of Emotions by the BeeGees during the Hollywood eliminsations and I got chills. I can't wait to see what he does with a Queen song next week.

  4. << I can't wait to see what he does with a Queen song next week>>

    Me too! Boy they really fooled us with the three groups tonight, didn't they? They trickily placed the three who's previously been in the bottom three in one group so we'd all think it was one of them.

    Paris in the bottom three? Elliott? Okay, I'd better vote next week.

  5. Carol & Mel I don't watch either. 3 years ago that's all co-workers talked about & it got boring. But last year's winner Carrie Underwood has a WONDERFUL song, "Jesus, Take the Wheel" that is doing great on country AND Christian stations, even heard she won a DOVE award (or nomination?) for it. I'm not very musical, but I really appreciate this one. Saw her on the cover of Self magazine & read the article while waiting for the Dr. Sounds like a down-to-earth kind of young lady (from OK or Ark?)

  6. Lou, Chris Thomlin just got Dove awards for best song and best male vocalist: How Great Is Our God. I love that album.