Monday, February 13, 2006

Dancing Gophers

I love coming up with captions that make you look!

I am LOVING, lov-lov-loving reading everyone's lists of movies. I do hope we come up with a hundred. I will post them here.

Today my hubby and I went to the Home & Garden Show at our convention center. We made sure we were there for the gopher show. Every time I called it that he cracked up, picturing little critters in pink tutus dancing. No, no, it was an expert talking on moles, voles and gophers. We learned that what we were battling last summer are voles, and they're the easiest of all three to eliminate, thank goodness, because they also reproduce the most. Those little guys won't be eating my flower bulbs or our tomatoes anymore! They'll be -- ha ha -- pushin' up daisies!


  1. LOL!! You definitely got my attention with that caption...and now I'll picture them in little pink tutus! LOL!!!

    -Jennifer Y.

  2. Noooooo, let the voles live!

    Reminds me of a book by Carl Hiaasen called NATIVE TONGUE. Anyone read it?

  3. When our dog was alive we had no problems with pesty animals in the backyard. Of course, we couldn't grow anything either because she would dig it up.

  4. Well, Mel and Carol, voles may cause extensive damage to orchards and forests due to their girdling of seedling and mature trees. They are capable of carrying disease organisms transmissible to man, such as plague and tularemia. So, I think we can do without those.

    Still laughing at the 'gophers in pink tutus,


  5. Well, Mahaira, if we killed off everything that damaged orchards and forests, there would be nothing and no one left. Man is the biggest threat to both!